About Kodexio

About Our Group

Kodexio™, also known as InfoSource, Inc. was founded in 1987. The company's primary client focus in the 1990s centered on associations and non-profits. During the 1990s our group provided IT Consulting Services, Multi-Level Hosting, Custom Software Development, Maintenance Plans, Website Design and Production. The software development team also spearheaded the creation of Affordable CMS systems, Event Registrations, Calendars, Document Archives, Vendor/Member Directories, Product Catalogs, Electronic Newsletters, Bulletin Boards, List Serves, Survey Systems, and More.

In the early 2000s the company launched FolioLink which turned into a pivotal moment realigning most of the team's focus to arts based services. With the debut of FolioLink, Kodexio was one of the very first companies to provide a sophisticated and easy to manage content management system with template based websites for artists and photographers. Since introducing FolioLink, Kodexio has gone on to develop the ImageArchive, the C4E Directory, SubmitArts, and CollexArt.

Our core team consists of web developers, graphic designers, and information technology experts providing businesses with valuable Internet technologies and high-end design. As needed we leverage our extensive network of technology partners to address larger scale projects in a timely manner. With our team businesses benefit from state of the art Internet solutions, and excellent service at affordable rates. Past and present experience in the technology sector gives Kodexio a unique advantage when it comes to providing cutting edge solutions to arts based organizations and institutions.

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