Web Design

Custom Website Development For The Arts

When people hire us they are often looking for more than a website. They are looking for a team that will move their ideas forward, challenge their design aesthetic, and produce a beautiful website that adds value to their brand. We begin most projects by talking to our clients to understand their goals. By involving us early as consultants we can help you develop your concept and realize your objectives. Our development group handles all phases of website design, specifications, user interface, testing, and deployment. We make sure that any custom website we create works fluidly across all devices. Once we finish a project, our clients can manage their new website on their own using a built-in content management system or can continue to work with our group for website maintenance and updates.

What we Do

  • Meet with you or your organization via Zoom or in person to understand your unique requirements and vision
  • Draft a storyboard that allows both sides to further discuss the project
  • Organize a team of designers and programmers to address your project requirements
  • Negotiate the use of third party technologies such as APIs and Cloud services
  • Purchase licenses to existing technologies that may need to be implemented for your project
  • Design final storyboards and project specifications
  • Manage the project and coordination of various human resources‍
  • Prepare the hosting environment
  • Provide training and ongoing support services

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