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Art Based Services Developed and Managed by Kodexio

Software Development

Development and Support Services - We offer businesses in the Arts custom software solutions, website design, graphic design, ecommerce integration, website hosting, website maintenance and more.

Through the years, we have developed many content management solutions and specialized applications such as the ICC standards voting system, online trade shows, industry directories and much more. Our software developers handle all phases of software design, specifications, user interface, testing, deployment and ongoing maintenance. We are experts at managing difficult programming requirements for both websites and database information systems. Our commitment to quality, on time delivery, and our software guarantee makes Kodexio the right choice for all of your online software development needs.

Short List of Custom Applications Developed by Kodexio

  • Online proposal submission and voting system for the International Color Consortium. This system allows technical member organizations to submit requests for changes and additions to the ICC standard. These proposals are then submitted for voting among various parties.
  • Online tradeshow that showcases virtual booths with company and product information. The online tradeshow allows visitors to create a favorites area to store information from various booths. This system may also be used to plan a visit to the physical show.
  • Content management systems for member organizations to maintain a large online presence (100s of unique pages) providing dynamic features such as member locators, online registration and more.
  • Custom member directory with nearest member locators based on distance and interests. This directory is used to locate instructors on a variety of criteria.
  • Technical support system to manage incoming phone and online requests. The system assigns requests in a load balanced manner to available staff. The self-help component has a data mining component that allows support staff to repurpose closed ticket content for automated future requests.
  • Multi-screen peer-to-peer synchronized multi-artist visual presentation. This Internet based image installation allows a master screen (controller) to become dominant in establishing when other screens may switch content and in what order. It was developed to provide artists a way to showcase work that requires a certain controlled sequence with screens and resolutions of all types.
  • A large scale online manual for higher education immigration information and research used by law firms and educational institutions. The manual is a searchable knowledge base of current U.S. laws, policies, and procedures related to international student and scholar immigration and visa issues.
  • Web based image editing tools that allow users to rotate, scale and crop images online.
  • Cloud based searchable image libraries with features such as search by color, automated batch keywording and a captioning suggestion tool.
  • Multi-layer image and soundtrack synchronization system allows multiple tracks to play as images are displayed from a hierarchical repository of content. The content hierarchy is what relates the visual assets to tracks and each level of hierarchy can have its own timeline.
  • Content management systems for people in creative fields.
  • Hundreds of custom developed websites and graphical elements for clients of all sizes.

Customer Service & Training

Our clients are a great group of people who we enjoy working with every day. Unlike a lot of technology companies we work with large organizations and individuals.

Large organizations benefit from direct access to IT staff. They share with us sophisticated project specs that can be passed on to our programmers. They also work with our support staff as needed for ongoing training, web development and maintenance.

We also work with individuals and small business owners who devote most of their time to either creating their art or running their non-technical business. These clients require a fair amount of technical support both for drafting specifications for technical work as well as for ongoing support for their custom application or their use of our software services.

Kodexio is known as a company that puts a lot of emphasis both on clients that have technical expertise  and those who do not. Unlike many Internet and online companies we publish our phone number and are easily reached during regular business hours. Many of our clients praise our staff for the support we provide them.

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