Online Gallery for Curated Art, an Artist Marketplace and More


CollexArt was built by Kodexio to engage art buyers, artists, and art enthusiasts at every level of the fine art process. The site features curated online exhibits, a fine art store, in depth artist profiles, a community marketplace, community forum and calls for art.

Through CollexArt, art buyers purchase art directly from artists and rely on CollexArt staff to facilitate the transaction.

Fine Art Sales
The CollexArt Store offers art buyers a unique user experience with pre-sales assistance both online and by phone sharing information about the availability of artwork, the artwork condition, shipping costs and more. Then it is the CollexArt artist who takes over in the last phase of the sale and issues the invoice to the buyer for the sale of their work.

Curated Gallery

The online exhibit gallery makes quality and not quantity the main focus.  Each art exhibit features no more than twelve carefully curated contemporary artworks. In almost all cases the artwork is for sale by the artists.

Collectibles and The Marketplace

CollexArt includes a community artist marketplace where artists can sell collectible art books and items from their studios and labs to interested buyers. Sales through the marketplace are managed entirely by the artists.

Calls for Art
Artists who are interested in being promoted by and selling work through CollexArt can submit work to themed art calls.

"More than ever we need art in our homes and places of work.  Art improves our living spaces adding character, balance, and a sense of place.  Artwork can bring visual joy and communicate in soothing ways to help keep us grounded..."  
Raul Jarquin - CollexArt Founder

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